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Men’s fashion colors 2015 – 2016

Dudeman already wrote about men’s colors and its combinations, but today we are going to return to the theme of colors. We discussed the classic men’s colors lately, but fashion is kinda “fickle woman” and she invents something new ever and again.

What is “prediction” for you? Most likely, you will immediately think of charlatans, fortune tellers, gypsies, oracles and stargazers.

It was since the dawn of time, but nowadays it is just pure science which is based on the analysis of reality and the processing power of the computers. It’s also a quite profitable business. Special agencies analyze what people wear, what colors they choose at the showrooms, even what nail color girls go for.

There are thousands of other seemingly useless facts. But specifically this information is the base for the prediction which is to tell us about the colors which will predominate in 2015-2016. They are:


Definitely it is the most noble of the entire set of fashionable men’s colors of 2015. Most often such dark shade of deep red color is used for a suit or blazer, but it is capable of much. Even the plain t-shirt in deep cranberry color looks stylish and expensive.


Green pigment G-820 or chromium oxide (~ $ 320 for a bag of pigment). Sounds creepy, but it is just a beautiful green color with a light money smell, which gives it a special savor. Green tint in 2015 – is not that green grass color, but rather the color of green cloth on the table or emerald shade.


It is the color of a red salamander (Pseudotriton ruber) which inhabits swamps and streams of Eastern parts of the United States. It is clear that this beast is not hiding and even tries to display itself. Too bold in spite of its modest size – adult male does not exceed 18 cm in length, but easily compensates the lack of the size for the bright design. If you are a brave man- salamander – is your color in 2015.


Amber is also known as golden or deep yellow color. It is said that black and yellow combination attracts people who are prone to suicide, but I’m sure that shade is different. Amber color is the color of sunshine and joy, and therefore cannot attract all these depressed dudes. So let’s dress it up, radiate the joy and mock the suicides.

It is ideal for summer chinos and top-siders. It looks extremely good as a tie color, especially during the bank visits.


Cornflower color is suitable for both formal events and for leisure time. In addition, it is simply beautiful. Bear in mind the fact that it is a traditional men’s color. Though it is considered to be one of the most popular colors of 2015, it is no stranger to us, as girls are always dressed in pink and boys – in blue, so we all love this color since kindergarten.


If you don’t like lemons, then it is not for you. You can feel the acidity in the mouth while looking at this color. On the other hand the lemon is exceptionally rich in vitamin C and a number of useful acids. The list of the diseases which lemon can prevent would take an entire article. But since this article is about male fashion colors of 2015 – 2016, we will say that the lemon is the color of healthy, strong and uninhibited men.

If you are sick of the fashionable male colors now is the time to give a little rest to them. The next three predicted colors of 2015 and 2016 are much less bright. These colors are perfect for the cold season or the official events.


Slate or graphite color is always relevant. It is calm, cool and neutral. It is easily combined with other colors. Slate is appropriate in any situation and you will never miss with it. However, the art is not to look dull. You should mix the suit with at least a small part of something more colorful. The set of fashionable men’s colors of 2015 -2016 provides a mass of different opportunities.


I would call this color mushroom-like, but we cannot say so. Anyway this color is peculiar to fungi in the wildlife. It goes perfectly with blue and deep cranberry colors. It gets dirty easily and requires careful use and gentle care. Nevertheless it reserves a special sense of elegance. Great as a color trench, trousers, sweaters or suede shoes.


It is the color of gingerbread or simply chocolate color is known to be the classic solution for the menswear. The typical color used for leather shoes and jackets, great for trench coats and suits.

So now you know which colors to choose to be trendy. A set of male colors of 2015 – 2016 provides ample opportunities and color variations, regardless of whether you love everyone’s attention or prefer to stay in the shade. You do not have to memorize them as you will see them again and again on the streets because they are not just the colors, they are trends.

Y. Dudeman


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blue colors How to wear men's colors men's costumes men's jacket men's jewelry men's pants men's shoes men’s shirts shop online trends 2015 Watches what to wear with white

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