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Men’s trends of 2015. The combination of shorts with a jacket

The discussion of the length of the men’s shorts is unworthy of a man. The phrase “The hem is no more than 10 cm over the knee” looks miserable? Dude, do not develop the topic of length. I can only say that the experiments with breeches, three quarter pants, trimmed jeans and other objects are ended and now shorts are shorts. Short shorts. Simple, shorts, nothing special.

Men’s shorts are something which has no alternative in summer. Do you remember Hippolytus in a coat and hat in the shower? In summer the pants; especially jeans are unnatural as well as Hippolyte in the shower. I am sorry for those guys who have to wear pants in summer. All sorts of managers, white-collar workers, employees of banks and ministries, defense lawyers and prosecutors. Especially the prosecutors who are forced to wear suit all year round.


And of course it is hard work and someone has to do it. People are suffering, but the men’s fashion industry is carefully stretches them a lifeline, a compromise that would solve the problem of sweaty ass. But are they ready to grasp this lifeline?

 men's shorts with jacket

I happened to chat with one barman who was very lucky and his luck was the fact that the lower part of his body is always covered by a bar counter. When a visitor comes he sees a quite tidy barman in a shirt with a butterfly. Nobody knew that the barman was working in shorts. So, modern man believes that it is possible not to hide behind the counter anymore. The modern men’s style allows combining shorts with a shirt and even shorts with a jacket. Of course, this should not be formal jacket of the suit, but a sports jacket or blazer.

Shorts and a jacket are quite a strange combination. But I assure you that it’s not for long. I mean a combination of a jacket with shorts won’t seem strange anymore. Just look at these dudes.

The top parts are perfectly normal, the bottom parts are the shorts and this is also normal. So the guys are fine. In general, they are appropriate.

The modern summer men’s fashion is divided on formal and casual on the belt line. If you are dressed in shorts and a T-shirt then you dressed casual style, so you can go to the beach or to the store. If you are dressed in shorts and a jacket (or a white shirt) then you are dressed quite formally. Accordingly, shorts and sweater (cardigan sweatshirt) are a business casual style and you can go to work like that, if you do not work in the ministry. The degree of formality of your suit is determined by what you are wearing on top but not by the shorts. But we have to mention shoes.

What shoes you should wear with shorts?

The answer is simple wear loafers. It is the most natural option, but certainly not the only one. Other types of men’s shoes will look good, but loafers are the most fashionable men’s shoes for summer. The main thing is not to wear socks with shorts, only barefoot.

What shorts color is better to choose?

Summer is a time which is full of colors so the shorts do not have to be just white or gray. Pick the color which is based on the color of the upper part of the suit, but, at the same time remain within the male colors.

Y. Dudeman


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blue colors How to wear men's colors men's costumes men's jacket men's jewelry men's pants men's shoes men’s shirts shop online trends 2015 Watches what to wear with white

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