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Men’s colors and the best menswear color combinations

For the man the only way to dress with style and at the same time do not think about the colors is to dress all Hawaiian. Hawaiian shirt and shorts are the mix of all imaginable colors so that is why you shouldn’t think about the color combinations. Maybe the fans of the Hawaiian style will tell me that there is a system in this color mess. It may be so, but it has nothing in common with the right men’s color combinations.

The right matched men’s costume is a special combination of colors and all shades with the right role of every color in this outfit. There are limited numbers of colors for the menswear. Let us call them men’s colors. They’re special because there is an analog to every color in the wild nature because man’s colors are the natural ones.

For example, the red color in the man’s closing is the color of red or rose wine with a compulsory light blue undertone.

Of course we’re talking about a classic men’s style in general, because blue denim jeans and brown loafers are the ones from the casual style, but still they are the classic menswear. For example the colors of the sportswear could be artificial but in the classic style it is inadmissible.


Menswear colors

There are a lot of colors but I’d like to mention only 5 basic colors which are peculiar to the menswear. These colors are red, blue, green, yellow, beige and brown. I mentioned these color shades and of course black, white and gray because I think that these colors are must-haves. These colors are to provide different combinations. So let’s analyze these true men colors and have a look on the best color combinations in the men’s wardrobe.

menswear colors


Men’s colors


As I said before the red color is the color of red wine with a light blue undertone. Red color gasps attention immediately and even a little red detailing of the suit always will be noticeable, that is why it is very important to choose the right color combination.

The red color goes with white, grey and blue (let’s say hello to Tommy Hilfiger, he knew what he did). The combination of red color (with the two dots of blue) with the classic blue jeans could be ideal if you choose the right shade. White and grey which are neutrals go with any shades of red. You can use red color for the tie, trousers, shoes and of course the jacket which is better to be Bordeaux. The lining of the Harrington jacket is traditionally made of Scottish tartan and without this detailing it’s hard to call it original.

You shouldn’t use too much red, as the entirely red costume is appropriate only for the Cardinals and for the masters of the ceremonies. If you are not one of those the red tie or Bordeaux jacket is your choice.

Blue. Sky blue men’s shirt and blue jeans

The blue color has a lot of names and shades – sky blue, royal blue, the wave color, indigo and others. Blue is the classic men’s color, as pink is the classic women’s color. I can’t make you to dress in blue from head to toe, but there are a lot of different combinations within this color. Blue shirt and especially blue jeans are the classic menswear and are appropriate for any occasion whether it is official or not.

So let’s discuss these 2 items. The blue shirt which comes with the grey trousers is the ideal combination for the official costume witch is least festive but still more stylish then the black trousers and white shirt. Blue shirt and a grey costume is also an official style but the blue shirt with the white costume makes a huge difference. Blue short or blue blazer with the white trousers (or even the white shirts if you’re on the beach) means that you have nowhere to hurry and you are the master of your life.

Blue denim jeans go nice with white, red, beige and brown colors. Although blue denim jeans became the basic men’s wear for the millions of men all over the world they still remind us about Wild West where they were used with the brown cowboy boots and leather jacket. That is why the combination of blue jeans with beige and brown is so natural.

Here you can see that the best company for the blue color is white, beige and red.

I also want to mention the combination of blue and ivory. I don’t know what the secret is but this combination always makes me excited. My self-perception always tells me that the thing in blue and ivory color has exceptional quality.


The green color combinations are alike to the blue ones. The colors are: white, gray, beige and blue (if it is denim jeans). But the perception and meaning of green costume is different. On the one hand green color is associated with military style and on the other hand with the American money. So green clothing means strength and power of weapon and money, which is totally opposite to the blue color which is for art and traveling. While choosing your costume you’d better to decide what is best for your character and what you would like to underline.

It is peculiar to the menswear to use dark shades of green-blue and green-gray colors.

We also have to mention green men’s shoes. Rather rare and extravagant thing but they look very respectable. We can say that green men’s shoes have the money smell, so if you are not afraid of this smell then go and buy such shoes. If you are going to do it you’d better to wear something green, for example, the green sweater or green tie or scarf, because these things are peculiar to the military style.


Yellow color could be called extravagant and as for the man’s costume it is really so. It is not the color for the official costume but you can still use a yellow tie. The other yellow things such as: yellow trousers, yellow men’s sweater or yellow shirt are the challenge to the public opinion. If you can afford this just try to balance out the bright yellow trousers with something grey or dark-blue. These colors are the best to combine in the man’s suit.

Beige and brown

We can claim that beige and brown colors are the most ancient colors of men’s costume. When cave-dwellers dressed themselves for the first time it definitely was beige or brown color because it was the skins of the lion or the bear. Beige and brown are the natural colors of skin and wood. Beige or brown jackets and shoes are the crucial part of the male’s Country style especially combined with blue and red.

Brown shoes with a red undertone look really good. Because of the red undertone they could be combined with the red jacket, shirt or sweater. Beige trousers or beige jeans are better to combine with white, grey or blue top.

General rules of color combinations in a man’s suit

You can see that all the colors above and their shades go with white and gray because they are basic and they do not spoil the main colors making them bright and neutral. Besides all the man’s colors go with the main color of every man – blue.

While choosing the costume you should not use more then two colors (except the neutrals). Remember to use one of the main colors (for example the color of the jacket) for the accessory. It can be tie, scarf, belt or shoes.

Y. Dudeman


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