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Men’s rings. How to choose the right material and style

Hardly can you imagine the more useless thing then a man’s ring.  If the cufflinks are made to clasp the wristbands and to put an accent on the high-status you have, the men’s rings have no functions. Besides the fact that it is uncomfortable to work with the hands if you wear a ring, sometimes it scratches, vanishes and upsets the owner.

It is an example of man’s logic and even the logic of the man-geek. At the same time any woman will prove you that the man’s ring is the perfect sign of whether a male is married or not and, of course, it is a symbol of his financial condition. An ideal accessory.

Okay, so why the men’s rings are as popular accessories as the women rings?

Are there such a small number of men who apply common sense? Yes, because we are all humans and we have whims.  We have a lot of desires but the greater parts of them are artificial and the desire of the man to have a ring isn’t a bad idea. We can mention the traditions about statuses and roots which were on earth since the early times and a ring tradition is definitely one of those. In fact, the beautiful and ponderous ring is a kind of toy which is nice to fumble and show others. So we will choose the ring on the assumption of these parameters.

Men’s ring made of…

What materials do jewelers use to make such a beautiful and ponderous toy – the men’s ring? There is a wide range of materials for the rings production and now we are going to exclude some of them as we are going to find the perfect one.

Ceramics. Ceramic rings are relatively new phenomenon in jewelry and this phenomenon is not for us. Ceramic rings are not ponderous; they feel rather loose on the finger.

Gold. If you have nowhere to put the money in and you do not lift up anything heavier than the mobile phone then this is your choice. The golden ring is too expensive as for a toy. Gold is a quite soft metal and therefore, the look of the ring will deteriorate drastically especially if you work with your hands. Gold is heavy enough BUT it shouldn’t be hollow to be ponderous, so we’ve returned to the first argument again as the price for such ring is rather high.

Platinum. Rings made of platinum are more expensive than the gold ones and it is even easier to scratch them. Platinum is heavier than gold but not too much. I would say that platinum rings are the same jewelry type as the diamonds on the inner side of the ring; you only buy it for yourself as constant reminder of your own infinite coolness.

Silver. I would say that it is windy choice. The silver rings have neither weight nor value (or status), nor strength. Absolutely pointless idea. Let the silver for the silver spoons.

Steel. It is the steel marked 316L, jewelry steel, medical or surgical steel. It is beautiful, cheep, absolutely harmless and durable. Among the disadvantages of steel rings is relatively low weight as it is lighter then silver. It can be compensated for the volume as the price is rather low.

Titan.  The same as steel, but it is somewhat stronger, significantly lighter and more expensive.

Tungsten. Here is the perfection – ponderous like gold, very strong, inexpensive tungsten ring is perhaps the most promising option. The bad news is the fact you will not be able to resize the tungsten ring as it is too solid.


Now you know all or nearly all about the basic materials which are used for the men’s rings. Draw the conclusions. As for me, the most appropriate options are tungsten, steel and gold.

Men’s rings design

The difference between men’s and women’s rings is the same as the difference between the man’s suit and the woman’s dress. The design of the men’s rings is dominated by the simple and sleek lines. Minimum of fine detailing, flourishes, flowers. There are some rings with a stones, but they are uncommon. The color of the stones in men’s rings are always less bright. The most commonly used color is black or dark red.

We can single out some men’s ring designs. They are:


The style of minimalism is good for its own right. Someone sees and feels its dignity and someone shows their own self-sufficiency, requiring no additional decorations.

Ostentatious rudeness and gaucherie

This kind of ring style is peculiar to Lumbersexuals – the modern urban men trying on the style of a bearded lumberjack. Sometimes these rough rings look as if they were forged by the blacksmith on an open light using primitive tools. A real art is to create a chaos and make it to look balanced.

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